The End of Movember

Tomorrow, I finish up my contract running MoTV for Movember and that means I also get to shave off my moustache. This is on of the last videos we did. It was an interview with Jesse Hughes from the Eagles of Death Metal. Before the interview he pulled out a joint, which he said was a blend of 3 different weeds and we’d better not take more than a hit each. Now, as all of us know, Americans smoke like babies, so we pulled hard each time the joint went around. It was the strongest weed I’d ever smoked. Needless to say, the interview hit the wall after that.

Jesse told us a few jokes. Two of which were so wrong they hurt my head just to think about them. But, I’ve grown up immersed in the hippie ideal of sharing. If you want to hear them, just drop me a mail:


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