Movember – The Prostate Exam

This is another video we did for Movember. It was probably the scariest yet, although our doctor, Professor Waxman, was very gentle with us.


Smell my finger


Recently, we were asked to make some videos for a prostate cancer charity. They wanted us to encourage men to get involved with their bums. This is what we came up with.




Most straight guys know next to nothing about the inside of their asshole. True, they might have dated a fruity chick with wandering fingers. And she might have lead them down the mucky path to bum wanking. And they might even have got off on it. But it’ll be quickly forgotten once that long drunk summer ends. Because bums, like alleyways in the ghetto, are nasty, dangerous places. You wouldn’t want to get caught with your fingers down one on a dark night.


Having a doctor slide his finger up your bum is a very humbling experience and in hindsight maybe it’s not so unpleasant. For those of you who’ve never enjoyed this rare medical pleasure before, we came up with some parallels.


1)    Having a dump in reverse

2)    Riding a bike with a tiny saddle

3)    Pulling your pants down in strong wind

4)    Anal sex with an Asian man


If you listen really carefully to the start of the video, you can just about hear the doctor say something about a big willy. That’s mine.


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