Dick Lobovillas RIP

From around September ’08 to December, bodytonicmusic.com ran this column that was half-written by myself. It was hated from the get go but we were nothing if not stubborn and kept at it until the comments asking for the author’s head filled three pages. We eventually killed Dick off in as spectacular fashion as he was born. Superstar DJ parodies are about as odious as superstar DJs it seems.


Dick Lobovillas, aka El Nino de la Musica, died in the early hours of Monday morning in Rio de Janeiro general hospital. At his bedside were boyhood friends MC Ritmo Perfecto and MC Cucuracha Killa.

It is believed that Lobovillas died from complications arising from an injury he sustained after stage diving from the DJ booth in Rio’s notorious Carioca de Gema club. The booth is suspended from the ceiling of the venue, nearly ten metres above the crowd. Dick, legendary for his on-stage antics and his support of DJ performance art, jumped after impassioned fans pleaded for him to touch them. But his landing was jeopardised when the same fans dispersed leaving him to crash into the stone floor.

Lobovillas was born in Cuba and spent his formative years there before his love of music took him on a tour of the world that included long stays in Miami, Berlin, Cork and New York. Even from a young age, Lobovillas had a presence behind turntables that was all his own. He developed the ‘half bounce’ dance that would soon become the signature movement for most big name DJs all over the world. He was also the first DJ to ever raise his hand up and punch the air. Many mistook the gesture as a symbol of Nazi solidarity but Lobovillas defended the dance by claiming his own grandmother was Jewish.

In the late 90s Lobovillas became the first DJ to break the quarter of a million Euro appearance fee. He also broke the record for longest set when he DJed for ten days straight, sustained on a diet of guava beans and non-alcoholic Becks.

Lobovillas had been working on a new release entitled ‘If God was a DJ would Jesus carry his records?’ Many insiders claimed the track would change the way people listen to music for ever but it’s doubtful whether it will see the light of day now.

Dick Lobovillas is survived by his fiancé, dancehall MC, Betty Bumbaclot. He was 42 years of age. All proceeds from the sale of his estate will go directly to his pan-global, poverty-focused charity group ‘Aint got Dick’.


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